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Toyota Genuine Parts: Dealer Ad Builder

Customize your ads with the all new Dealer Ad Builder!
  1. Select the part that you want to promote from the gallery below and click NEXT.
  2. Then, the Dealer Ad Builder will allow you to customize an offer, your dealership information, contact details and promotional copy.
  3. You can also add an offer and upload your logo (jpg or png file).
  4. Click “Generate PDF” to complete your ad. It will automatically download to your desktop.
  5. Need help? Download the Dealer Ad Builder Quick Reference Guide for complete details on customizing your ad, including character length for each field and logo file size.

Toyota Genuine Parts: Dealer Ad Builder

Enter your offer details, dealership information and contact information in the fields below. You can write your own Promotional Copy or simply keep the default. Then, click “Generate PDF” to complete your ad.


THRU APRIL 30, 2020

Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers provide uncompromising quality. They're meticulously designed for the perfect fit, engineered and tested by Toyota, and backed by Toyota’s Genuine Warranty.


123 Main Street

Los Angeles

CA 90021

Jonathan Doe

Parts Manager


For complete details about Toyota's warranties, please refer to the applicable Warranty & Maintenance Guide or see your Toyota Dealer.