How does the Sign In section of the Dealer Portal work?

The Dealer Portal displays a “Sign In” button at the top right of the Home Page. When you click on that button, you will see the Wholesale Toolbox Portal “Sign In” page. Enter your Toyota Dealer log in credentials (those that were provided by Infomedia for Microcat LIVE Mechanical Website).

The system will then determine the applications to which you are subscribed and display the appropriate links in the Dealer Portal. These applications may include:

  • Microcat LIVE
  • Micorcat Order Manager
  • Microcat Pricing Administration
  • Microcat Account Administration

If you are a Wholesale Toolbox Dealer, the system will also display your exclusive Wholesale Toolbox content under the Management Tools heading on your Dashboard. These tools include:

  • Market Analysis
  • PSX
  • TIS Management
  • Wholesale Toolbox Bulk Purchase
  • Open House
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • How-To Guides
  • Wholesale Toolbox Logos

If you have any difficulty with signing in, contact Infomedia. Its contact information is on the “Sign In” page.

My username or password is not working, how do I receive assistance logging into the site?

If you are having trouble logging into the site, please contact Infomedia. Its contact information is on the “Sign In” page.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Use the "Reset Password” link below the password field. Enter your user name. Then, choose to receive the reset password link by either SMS or Email. The message and the link will provide instructions on how to reset your password. If you are not a registered user and do not have a password, please contact your District Service and Parts Manager or email

How do I update my Dealership Profile information?

From your logged in Wholesale Toolbox Dashboard, select “My Account” from “My Dashboard” (on the top right of the screen). Here, you can make any profile changes that are needed by clicking “edit” within the Infomedia, Personal Detail, area. When you are done, click the “Save” button.

How do I become a Wholesale Toolbox Dealer?

The Toyota Wholesale Dealer Portal enables easy online Wholesale Toolbox enrollment. Go to Wholesale Toolbox and click on the ENROLL NOW tab. Then, simply complete the online enrollment form and press SUBMIT. If you would like to speak with a Toyota representative, send an email to A Wholesale Toolbox administrator will follow up with you.

When and where is the training held?

Collision Repair & Refinish Training schedules are posted for each third of the calendar year in January, May, and September, to allow ample time for planning around busy schedules. The New Jersey training center is located on the grounds of the Toyota NY Region Headquarters in West Caldwell, NJ, (not far from New York City). The Jacksonville training center is on the grounds of Florida State University at Jacksonville, FL. The Texas training center is located at Toyota's Headquarters in Plano, TX. Lastly, Toyota has opened it's latest training center in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Please call 469-292-2437 or email for more information.

Can I subscribe to PSX if I am not a Wholesale Toolbox Dealer?

The PSX program is available to all Toyota dealers; however, Wholesale Toolbox dealers receive a discount on PSX subscription fees.

Are OPS and AutoParts Bridge part of the Wholesale Toolbox?

Both OPS and AutoParts Bridge enrollment are separate from Wholesale Toolbox. You can view and download enrollment information for these valuable programs on the Wholesale Toolbox page. Wholesale Toolbox membership is not required for either program.

What information is available under the Resources tab?

The Resources section of the Dealer Portal gives you access to videos and dealer education materials. Each section expands to give you links to a video or PDF download.

What training and support information is available to my dealership?

Toyota is committed to helping your dealership become the best it can be. That’s why they have made courses through the University of Toyota available through the Wholesale Dealer Portal. The University of Toyota offers training courses in many different facets of dealership life, including business development workshops and online sessions.

How do I participate in courses available through the University of Toyota?

To take advantage of the courses available simply visit the “Dealer Education” section of the “Library” page. There, you’ll find the most current Parts Professionals and Parts Managers courses available to your dealership.

What supplemental materials are available through the Dealer Portal?

The “Products” section of Dealer Portal provides the resources such as current product information and specials, ready to use marketing ads, and customizable templates along with application charts. Click on each tab to expand and see links to download PDF version.

What is the difference between a marketing ad and a marketing template.

A marketing ad is “ready-to-go” simply print and distribute. Marketing templates allow you to customize a flyer with your own logo and dealership contact information.

What are the different Dealer Incentives?

Toyota is committed to supporting your wholesale business. We conduct seasonal incentive programs to help motivate your team and boost sales. There are two types of incentives: National Dealer Incentives are designed to help motivate your team and boost sales. National Mechanical Incentives are geared toward the wholesale mechanical customer.

This section of the Portal will present complete information about current incentive programs. When there is not an incentive currently running, a placeholder image will be displayed. Check back frequently for new incentive announcements.

Who can provide free subscriptions to TIS?

Wholesale Toolbox dealers can provide eight (8) independent repair shops per year with a free one-year subscription to the Toyota Technical Information System (TIS).

How do I provide my wholesale customers with a free TIS subscription?

 Wholesale Toolbox dealers can instantly provide wholesale customers with free access to the Toyota Technical Information System (TIS) in three (3) easy steps: 1) Visit the “TIS Management” section within the Management Tools area of your Wholesale Toolbox Dashboard; 2) There will be 8 account numbers pre-loaded. Click on “Send Invite” next to an account number. 3) The “Send a TIS Invitation” form will pop up. Enter the customer name, email address and message (optional), and hit “Send Invite”.

What if my customer did not receive their free TIS account number?

If your customer did not receive their free TIS account number, you can resend the same TIS account number again in three (3) easy steps: 1) Visit the “TIS Management” section within the Management Tools area of your Wholesale Toolbox Dashboard; 2) Review the table of IRF customers to whom you have sent an account number; 3) Identify the shop(s) you would like to resend the account number to by hitting “RESEND”.

My customer is having trouble activating their free TIS subscription. How can I help them?

To activate their free one-year TIS subscription, your wholesale customer must visit the TIS website at: Have them follow these steps: Under the heading “Need An Account?” click the “Subscribe” button. They will be taken to the “How To Subscribe” page. At the bottom of the page, click the “Continue” button. They will be taken to the “Subscription Term” page. Select the checkbox next to “Yes, I have a TIS Test Drive Card”. The screen will change. Enter the TIS account number from the notification in their message center into the box and click the “Continue” button. They will be taken to the “Personal Information” page. Enter the required fields and click the “Continue” button. They will be taken to the “User Name and Password” page. Enter the required fields and click the “Continue” button. They will be taken to the “Confirm Personal and Account Information” page. Have them confirm their account information and click the “Continue” button. They have the option to print a receipt of the transaction from the “Thank You” page. Click the “Continue” button when finished. They will receive a confirmation email from the TIS system.

What is Collision Pros? And how do I subscribe?

Collision Pros is a quarterly Toyota magazine developed to provide informative articles to help you manage your collision business and excel in the collision industry. A subscription link is displayed at the footer of the Dealer Portal. Simply hit the SUBSCRIBE button and enter your email address in order to receive an electronic version of Collision Pros. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Click on “YES, subscribe me to this list”. You’ll then begin receiving Collision Pros quarterly by email. To view past issues, visit